The Earth Day Conference is an annual event that brings together individuals, organizations, and experts from around the world to discuss and raise awareness about environmental issues


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Lumesmart EarthDay Conference

Join us on a journey through the past EarthDay conference, visionary speakers in the field of cleantech shared their expertise and insights on combating climate change. Dive into our YouTube channel to watch recorded videos of these thought-provoking sessions and witness the successful history of our conference.Let’s come together to raise awareness and inspire action towards a sustainable future!

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Create Peace by Developing Solutions that Harmonize Humans, Technology and Nature

Summary of 2023 Lumesmart Earthday Event

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The EarthDay conference was initiated in 2015 by LumeSmart Inc. Founder and CEO, Shohreh Sabaghpour. LumeSmart is a leading provider of LED Lighting that specializes in advanced, eco-friendly lighting solutions. Sabaghpour built the annual conference with the vision of “Making peace by increasing harmony between human, technology, and nature.”

Celebrating the energy transition this Earth Day environmentjournal.ca

Celebrating the energy transition this Earth Day

This year, EnvironmentJournal will celebrate Earth Day on April 21 with the 9th Annual Lumesmart EarthDay, with the theme of “Energy Transition.” The goal of the event is to connect entrepreneurs and businesses in Cleantech, especially with regard to Energy Transition industry, to learn about available support from government and associations.

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