Lumesmart EarthDay

Conference & Trade Show 2023

Global cleantech business directory smart city Renewable Energy Innovation Green Economy Natural Resources Aerospace Lumesmart EarthDay Conference
Global cleantech business directory lumesmart earthday

This year, we will celebrate lumesmart EarthDay conference 2023 with the 9th Annual EarthDay by “Energy Transition ” topic.

Our goal is to connect Entrepreneurs and Businesses in Cleantech, specially in the Energy Transition industry to learn about available support from government and associations.

The event will be free in person and online. Here is our pdf brochure

Our Honorable Guest

Lumesmart EarthDay Conference 2023

Mayor David-West. honorable guest lumesmart earthday conference Global cleantech business directory

David West


Godwin-Chan Honorable Guest lumesmart earthday conference

Godwin Chan

Regional Councillor

MPP Michael Parsa honorable guest lumesmart earthday conference Global cleantech business directory Aurora-Oak ridges, Richmond Hill and Ontario’s Minister of Children, Community, and Social Services

Michael Parsa

Members of Parliament

Our Speakers

Lumesmart EarthDay Conference 2023

Lora-Field,-PhD-lumesmart-earthday-2023-event-conference Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

Lora Field, PhD

Team Leader Cleantech, Chemicals and Steel
Ministry of Economic Development Job Creation & Trade (MEDG)

Speech Topic

Build Your Future Here in Ontario

Bryan Tyers Global cleantech business directory Green Economy Trade Renewable Energy Invest Ontario: Opportunities for Ontario

Bryan Tyers

Executive Director, Advanced Manufacturing

Speech Topic

Opportunities for Ontario

Global cleantech business directory lumesmart earthday Invest Ontario

Boushra Barakat

Managing Director
Clean Energy Business Council

Speech Topic

Collaborating for a Clean Energy Future: Exploring Opportunities for Energy Transition between Canada and the MENA region

Global cleantech business directory lumesmart earthday CEBC
Vienna-Zhou-lumesmart earthday conference event 2023-Green-Economy-Innovation-Renewable-Energy-Unlock-microgrid,-utilizing-energy-storage-to-enable-microgrids

Vienna Zhou

CEO & Founder of TROES

Speech Topic

Unlock microgrid, utilizing energy storage to enable microgrids

Bradley Cheuk Global cleantech business directory Green Economy Trade professional services How BDC supports the Tech Ecosystem

Brad Cheuk

Senior Account Manager, Technology Industry

Speech Topic

How BDC supports the Tech Ecosystem

Global cleantech business directory lumesmart earthday BDC

Speakers Bio

Lumesmart EarthDay Conference 2023

Lora Field has been working with Ontario’s cleantech and various manufacturing sectors at the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade for over thirteen years. Based on her in-depth knowledge of Ontario’s cleantech sector and relevant government policy drivers, she engages with foreign and Ontario based companies to assist their growth in the province. Lora also works closely with partner ministries, on industry-relevant initiatives, including economic development strategies. She has a PhD in chemistry and is currently a Board Member of the Waterloo Institute of Nanotechnology.

Over 20 years of international experience working across Canada/North American and European markets in various Advanced Manufacturing sectors, as well as the Energy and Mining sectors.
Executed over $12+ billion in major project investments/portfolios across Canada, including greenfield expansions, brownfield modernization projects and infrastructure mega-projects.
Most recently, Bryan served as the Director for GE Steam Power Canada/Nuclear (Country Lead). Prior to this, Bryan served in a variety of senior leadership roles at AECL/CNL and EMCOR.
Bryan received a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) from Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson) and a MBA from the University of Windsor.

Boushra Barakat is a researcher and engineer specializing in sustainability and environmental solutions, with over five years of experience in the field. She holds a Ph.D. in Reverse Logistics Networks and Circular Economy from the American University of Beirut and a Master’s degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering with a focus on Project Management from Syracuse University. Boushra served as a Project Associate on the RE-MED project, an international waste management and circular economy initiative funded by the European Union, where she led the American University of Beirut’s contributions as partners on the project. Currently, she serves as the Managing Director of the Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC), a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to advancing clean energy in the MENA region.

A seasoned expert with a track record of 17+ years of outstanding achievements in the fields of renewable energy, energy-efficient building solutions, and cutting-edge clean technology. Possessing a formidable blend of technical proficiency, manufacturing expertise, consultancy acumen, and investment savvy. In Y2018, founded TROES, a leading energy storage company, with a mission to commercialize a ground- breaking Battery Energy Storage technology. Through her visionary leadership, TROES has achieved tremendous success, with successful deployments of its product across four countries, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean. The company boasts a robust Marketing Qualified pipeline that exceeds USD 100 million. TROES received recognition as one of the Top 5 Companies to Watch by IBM Venture LAB, solidifying its position as a leading player in the industry. Additionally, TROES was honored with the prestigious Markham Environmental Leadership Award. By 2022, TROES successfully closed two rounds of equity financing, cementing its position as a major player in the energy storage market.

Brad Cheuk is a Senior Account Manager with the Ontario Technology Team at the BDC. He is an ongoing business partner for Small-Medium Enterprises in the technology sector, assisting challenges related to financing and advisory needs. The technology group has supported hundreds of projects with technology companies, particularly in the areas of software development, data management, hardware, and digital media. Before joining BDC, he was an Associate at Saltagen Ventures where he helped bridge the gap between North American tech startups and investors in Asia. Prior to that, he was a Venture Manager for the Space Stream with the Creative Destruction Lab where he was responsible for discovering, exploring, and screening potential startups, while helping them scale their business.

Clean energy production from organic waste: Keep green and keep our planet clean Energy Saving and Resource Recovery from Wastewater Treatment Journey to Succeed Electrochemistry and Climate Change: Building an Environmentally Sustainable Future Is Tap Water around the globe safe? If not, what is the solution? How Lumesmart’s 4-Bay Purification Light and Mobile sterilizer makes the environment safer

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Our Team

Lumesmart EarthDay Conference 2023

Neco Bakhtiary

Online host

Sales Representative
Remax West Realty Inc. Brokerage

Soad Sarihi, PhD

Master Ceremony

Energy Efficiency in Buildings


Fatemeh Nobari


President at Roshan Web Design

Mohamad Safaei


President at Sayan Photography

AmirHossein-Akbari-lumesmart earthday conference team member

Amir Hossein Akbari


Video Producer


Somayeh Salemi


Sales Director

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Lumesmart EarthDay Conference 2023

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EarthDay Q&A

Lumesmart Earth Day 2024 Conference

1- Climate Change: One of the most pressing environmental issues facing Earth is climate change, largely driven by human activities such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and industrial processes. This leads to an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, trapping heat and causing global temperatures to rise. The consequences of climate change include more frequent and severe weather events, rising sea levels, loss of biodiversity, and disruptions to ecosystems and human societies.

2- Deforestation: Deforestation, the clearing of forests for agriculture, logging, and development, is a major environmental issue that contributes to habitat loss, biodiversity decline, and carbon emissions. Forests play a crucial role in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and providing habitats for a wide range of plant and animal species. Deforestation disrupts these ecosystems, leading to soil erosion, water pollution, and loss of valuable resources.

3- Pollution: Pollution in various forms, including air pollution, water pollution, and soil contamination, poses significant threats to human health and the environment. Industrial activities, transportation, agriculture, and waste disposal contribute to the release of pollutants such as particulate matter, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and plastic waste into the environment. Pollution can harm ecosystems, contaminate water sources, degrade air quality, and impact human health through respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases, and other health issues.

These environmental issues are interconnected and require global cooperation and sustainable solutions to mitigate their impacts and protect the planet for future generations.

Earth Day is important because it raises awareness about environmental issues, promotes sustainability and conservation efforts, and encourages individuals and communities to take action to protect the planet for future generations.

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970, as a way to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote conservation efforts. It has since become a global event with millions of people participating in activities to protect the planet.

Taking action on environmental issues is important because the health of the planet directly impacts human health and well-being. By addressing environmental challenges such as pollution, climate change, deforestation, and habitat loss, we can create a more sustainable and livable world for current and future generations.

The keynote speakers at the Earth Day Conference include renowned environmental activists, sustainability experts, and industry leaders who will share their insights and experiences on environmental issues and solutions.

The Lumesmart Earth Day Conference and Trade Show is a hybrid free event and you can register through the registration link in the event website or by contacting the organizers directly.

People should attend the Lumesmart Earth Day Conference and Trade Show for a variety of reasons:

1. Education: The conference will feature expert speakers on important environmental topics, providing attendees with valuable knowledge and insights on sustainability and conservation.

2. Networking: The event will bring together professionals, businesses, and organizations in the environmental and sustainability sectors, offering great networking opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and potential collaborators.

3. Innovation: The trade show will showcase the latest products, technologies, and solutions in sustainable living and eco-friendly practices, giving attendees a chance to discover new innovations and ideas to implement in their own lives or businesses.

4. Inspiration: Hearing from passionate speakers and seeing the impact of environmental initiatives can be incredibly inspiring and motivating, encouraging attendees to make positive changes in their own lives and communities.

5. Supporting a Cause: By attending the conference and trade show, attendees are supporting the mission of promoting environmental awareness and sustainability, contributing to a better future for our planet.

Overall, attending the Lumesmart Earth Day Conference and Trade Show is a great opportunity to learn, connect, and be inspired to make a difference for the environment.