International Women’s Day Celebration Week


International Women's Day Celebration Week

International Women’s Day Celebration Week is almost here! We are so excited to hear incredible stories of heroism and entrepreneurial drive from immigrant women who made it in Canada! Join us at 10am on Wednesday for this interactive and engaging session.

It is never easy to pick up and leave your home country. It is even more difficult to move to a new country and start a new business there. The obstacles are endless, but the courage and drive these women have to pursue their entrepreneurial calling raises above everything else.

Join Shohreh Sabaghpour Founder and CEO at Lumesmart & LumesmartearthdayZuly Otalora-Matallana Founder and CEO at TIARA, and Tehmina A Chaudhry Founder & President at Canada Startup Association, the women immigrants as they share their entrepreneurial journey to start their own businesses in Canada. This interactive session offers unique perspectives and inspirational stories that highlight the diverse paths to success in business. The segment will inspire and motivate women entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. In addition, you will be able to ask these women immigrant entrepreneurs questions that you always wanted to ask but didn’t know where. Their responses and directions might help you move your business ventures forward much faster.


The International Women’s Day Celebration Week welcomes not only women, but also everyone who supports women’s empowerment and is keen to gain insight from the interesting series of events, emphasizing inclusivity and the opportunity for all to participate in insightful discussions and engagements.

Thanks to our partners at the Richmond Hill Public Library, Flex Space and the Richmond Hill Tech Community by Elia N. This event is made possible by hard work of the Richmond Hill Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC) consultants Alan Luk and Priti Ruparel.

For more information about session details click Here.

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