SpaCEA for the Future of Farming


As space exploration endeavors progress, especially through NASA’s Artemis program, the evolution of technological agriculture represents a pivotal role in ensuring the success of long-duration missions on the Moon, Mars, and beyond.
Insights gained from off-Earth agriculture will not only build up the development of robust CEA systems for future space missions but also address solutions to build resilient, sustainable, and efficient farming systems to help farmers on Earth.

In this scenario, the Webinar ‚ÄúSpaCEA for the future of farming” will be a roundtable discussion bringing Space Farming experts from different backgrounds and institutions around the world, to present their unique perspectives on the current space exploration endeavors and its demand for plants as a source of food and oxygen for astronauts.
During the webinar, the audience will be invited to participate by asking questions to contribute to the discussions.

Together with that, the Space Farming 101 (SF101) online course will be launched as part of the Agritecture Designer platform.

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