Unlock Microgrid, Utilizing Energy Storage to Enable Microgrids

Unlock Microgrid, Utilizing Energy Storage to Enable Microgrids


Since 2015, lumesmart company has been organizing an annual conference on World Earth Day to commemorate the Earth. The purpose of this conference is to raise awareness about new and practical green technologies that contribute to the coordination between humans, technology, and the environment. Esteemed university professors, environmental activists, managers, engineers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and environmental enthusiasts are invited to this conference, where valuable up-to-date information and green technologies related to the environment are shared. The event includes speeches by environmental managers and experts, as well as environmental clips showcasing various environmental programs.

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Vienna Zhou, CEO & Founder of TROES

A seasoned expert with a track record of 17+ years of outstanding achievements in the fields of renewable energy, energy-efficient building solutions, and cutting-edge clean technology.

Possessing a formidable blend of technical proficiency, manufacturing expertise, consultancy acumen, and investment savvy. In Y2018, founded TROES, a leading energy storage company, with a mission to commercialize a ground- breaking Battery Energy Storage technology.

Through her visionary leadership, TROES has achieved tremendous success, with successful deployments of its product across four countries, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean.

The company boasts a robust Marketing Qualified pipeline that exceeds USD 100 million. TROES received recognition as one of the Top 5 Companies to Watch by IBM Venture LAB, solidifying its position as a leading player in the industry. Additionally, TROES was honored with the prestigious Markham Environmental Leadership Award.

By 2022, TROES successfully closed two rounds of equity financing, cementing its position as a major player in the energy storage market.

Our Vision in Global Cleantech Directory

Our vision is to create peace by increasing harmony between humans, technology, and nature. Our mission is to create a unique directory connecting cleantech business owners, manufacturers and distributors, related environmental associations, and VCs from around the world.

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