Women in Agritech


“The LED lighting produced by my company is the result of my commitment to my mission and vision of an energy transition. In a word, the future of agriculture and energy can be described as transformational,” says Shohreh Sabaghpour, Founder and CEO at LumeSmart. The Toronto-based company was established in 2013 and manufactures high-efficiency LED lighting for the health and safety, food production, and agricultural sectors.

Committed to increase female representation
With more than a decade of experience in electrical engineering, business, and import/export, Shohreh stands out as a woman of color in an entrepreneurial role in a male-dominated industry, and she embraces this position as a role model. This includes volunteering on the boards of the Iranian Women’s Organization of Ontario and initiating the Entrepreneur Committee to encourage women to pursue their passion for running their own businesses and beyond.

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