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What is User Dashboard?

What is user dashboard? User Dashboard is a visual interface that provides you with an overview of your account information and activities on our website.

By holding the mouse over your username, a menu will open through which you will access your dashboard.

Global cleantech business directory What is User Dashboard? Lumesmart EarthDay Conference

In the dashboard, you can see your visitors, your leads, and also your review and by clicking on “MORE INSIGHT” you can see more information.

Global cleantech business directory smart city Renewable Energy Innovation Green Economy Natural Resources Aerospace Lumesmart EarthDay Conference

User Dashboard Options

You can create announcements for specific listings. click on ADD NEW ANNOUNCEMENT.

so you should choose your specific list. then you can choose an announcement (the list below) and then here you would go ahead and put in an icon. and call-to-action title so this would be like the promotion of the specific announcement.

Global cleantech business directory What is User Dashboard?announcements

Then complete the description. “The button text” is the text of the button and then the link. so where users would go when they click on that button right.


This is for the user perspective. you can click on add new and then you can go ahead and select an event for your listing and fill up the form.
You can put the name, then you can put an address for the event, setting the start dates and the end dates.

Setting up the time and then you can fill in the description for the event.

Global cleantech business directory What is User Dashboard?events

 You can also set a specific featured image for that event. Then you should wait until we approve the event. After Our approval the events will be displayed on your listing page.


The listing tab is just a good overview of your listings. you can go ahead and edit these listings at any time.
you can also remove these and also change the plan for the current listings

Global cleantech business directory What is User Dashboard?listing

Inbox:  Here we have an inbox, so if you do get messages from interested customers, the messages will be displayed right here.

Invoices:  Invoices will be displayed here pretty self-explanatory.

Saved:  If you save stuff on your website, they will actually go over here and they will be displayed here.
Reviews:  This is where you will see reviews about your current listings.